Review of Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Chic role-playing game

Today we’ll talk about a project that has not yet reached the release, but already looks like an interesting enough solution. He has very advanced mechanics, there are role elements and a good battle system, but there are also some flaws. In general, the project will be more interesting on the release, but this still needs to be done. In the meantime, let's look at the demo.

Story line

So far, it’s rather difficult to say something serious about the plot of Solasta: Crown of the Magister, as the developers provided only a demo version, which does not have all the lore, stories and other moments. There is only a small trailer for the game and what we were told in the demo itself, but this is clearly not enough to describe the entire storyline. The game will probably tell us about some big misfortune that has happened in this virtual world and enslaved a good part of the population. Of course, the intrigue before the release very much raises our mood, but I would like to know a little more about the project, to know about its history or at least the background of the characters. At the moment, the plot remains a big question and we can talk about it only after the release. Now weaz wait and hope that the developers, together with the scriptwriters, will make a worthy story,


The game process can be divided into two phases - the research phase and the battle phase. In the first phase, as you may have already guessed, the gamer studies the locations, searches for any objects, This is pretty boring at the moment, since the locations are almost always empty and not very interesting - you can only enjoy talking with rare non-player characters who They can talk with us, give answers to important questions and issue a task. Not to say that the research phase has hooked me - it looks extremely poor, especially if you look closely at the details of the locations. The second phase is more interesting - to fight in a step-by-step mode is more fun, the enemies can cause decent damage. For example, the very first fight with spiders shows the potential of the project in terms of the combat system. It is not full of something unbelievable, but the player will immediately become comfortable and will fight enemies with pleasure.

Role component

In the full version of the game, the user will be able to customize the character in the darkness of parameters - choose a race, adjust appearance and so on. There will be classes, various elements of customization and skills, so that everyone can pick up something interesting and enjoy the passage. Unfortunately, at the moment the game is under development and we cannot talk about the ability to edit the character - there simply is no such function. The game starts already with a standard set of heroes and you can’t change anything. This is extremely sad, since I would still like to get at least some kind of customization. In the future, this will make the game unique and inimitable, because everyone will be able to create a unique hero and play exclusively with him. Let's hope that the developers implement this system at a decent level and everything will work as it should.


Evaluating the game, which is presented exclusively in the demo version, is quite difficult, since almost nothing works at its full potential. You cannot create a character, there is no complete understanding of the combat system, there is no way to fully study the plot or the history of the characters. At the moment, it all looks like an extremely ambitious game, but what will happen in the release - we will find out only after the release. In the meantime, it remains only to believe in the developers and hope that they will do everything right and the project will bring emotions from the passage of the storyline.

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