‘Cut Cash’ Puts Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress On Back Foot

Individuals over the state, from landless ranchers to businesspeople, with the sponsorship of BJP pioneers have begun naming and disgracing TMC pioneers who purportedly took cash from them. At Joydev, accepted to be the origination of twelfth century Sanskrit writer Jaidev, the arranger of Gita Govinda, Trinamool Congress (TMC) pioneer Pradip Chatterjee could be seen gathering cash from nearby vegetable merchants on July 2.
Chatterjee was apathetic. He said he doesn’t request “cut cash”, or illicit commission, from assets authorized for developing houses or toilets.
“A few recipients (of the social welfare plans) willfully give. We are presently restoring the cash,” said the corner unit leader of the TMC.
Chatterjee, and a lot progressively like him crosswise over West Bengal, are in a spot. Boss priest Mamata Banerjee’s June 18 claim asking party pioneers to return “cut cash” have presented such functionaries to steady open investigation.
Indeed, even as Banerjee solicited a segment from the decision TMC specialists and pioneers who take “cut cash” from welfare conspire recipients to restore whatever they have blackmailed, her message turned into a political weapon for her opponents. Despite the fact that the TMC explained later that 99.99 % of its pioneers and laborers were straightforward and that the CM’s notice was intended for simply 0.01%, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state president Dalip Ghosh said the decision gathering had faith in the “way of life of debasement”.
During his race encourages for the Lok Sabha races in Bengal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, presently the home priest, talked about debasement in the decision party.
Presently, with the support of the BJP neighborhood pioneers, individuals over the state, extending from landless ranchers to specialists in urban communities, have begun naming and disgracing TMC pioneers who supposedly took cash from them. Some have restored the cash even as the restriction asserted that it demonstrated the training was without a doubt common and put the TMC further on the back foot.
In Birbhum area, which has seen the fierce conflicts among TMC and BJP supporters, Trilochan Mukherjee, a TMC stall president, turned into the primary decision party pioneer to return cash to townspeople. On June 25, Mukherjee gave over R2.28 lakh to 141 Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGA) recipients in Koma gram panchayat.
Mukherjee wouldn’t discuss restoring the cash yet kept up that claims against him were false.
Mukherjee isn’t just one. “TMC stall president Pradip Chatterjee (in Joydev town) returned Rs 10,000 to me and my dad, Dulal Bagdi. TMC took it when we were building our home under PM Awas Yojana,” said Ananda Bagdi, an inhabitant of the town. Chatterjee, who denied the charge, said they were setting up a rundown of individuals who gave TMC cash to purchase desserts. “The aggregate sum can’t be more than R1 lakh. Things will be dealt with,” Chatterjee said. These are only a couple of numerous cases revealed from crosswise over Bengal. During town visits, HT found that cut cash issue was widespread.
For example, rustic recipients of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY), who got cash for structure a house, needed to pay a commission to nearby TMC pioneers. “Just in the event that we paid, the authorities used to discharge the cash,” said a resident of Chatra who would not be recognized, guaranteeing he could be focused by TMC nearby pioneers.
Around 198 km from Kolkata, Chatra has around 506 voters and is among least fortunate of the 12 towns in the gram panchayat.
“TMC pioneers requested Rs 8,000 for discharging Rs 1.20 lakh for my home. Subsequent to bartering, they made due with Rs 4,000. They likewise took Rs 900 for discharging Rs 10,000 for the can,” said Dulal Mal at Chatra. His neighbor, Tanu Mal, is presently cheerful to recovering the cash. “At last, we may recover our cash.”
Undetectable PROJECTS
At Mathpalsa gram panchayat in Birbhum’s Sainthia square, one of the greatest contributosr to the “cut cash” kitty was a Rs 20 lakh street that was never work under MGNREGA, said locale authorities who visited the site a month ago.
An authority on state of obscurity said Rs 20 lakh was appeared to have been spent for structure the street that isn’t there. After enquiry, it was secured that position cards were issued and cash was moved to locals’ banks accounts, the authority said.
“The cash went into around 400 records and the most astounding installment was Rs 8,000-Rs 10,000. Some record holders said that they got up to Rs 1,000 each and rest went to panchayat pioneers,” the authority stated, including that MGNREGA specialists never observed their activity cards and many offered access to their ledgers to nearby (TMC) pioneers to pull back the cash.
Abhijit Saha, head of Mathpalsa gram panchayat and a TMC pioneer, said the charges were outlandish.
“Regardless of whether it is a rancher, a common contractual worker or proprietor of a little production line, everyone is influenced by this tolabaji (coercion). An extremely wide ballpark figure could be Rs 30,000 crore a year on the off chance that we include the state’s budgetary assignments for social welfare plans and improvement extends just as the cash blackmailed from private developers, businesspeople, little brokers, work searchers and even rickshaw pullers,” said teacher Indraneel Dasgupta of the Indian Statistical Institute and a former student of the University of California.
A few nearby level TMC pioneers asserted that the cash went to the higher-ups in the gathering.
“I offered cash to my seniors in the gathering. Kindly ask them where the cash went,” said Lalu Hazra, a TMC stall advisory group part in Joydev, rehashing a typical contention of lower-rung pioneers in regions, for example, Hooghly, Birbhum and Bardhaman.
On June 27, Kalimoy Gangopadhyay, a TMC panchayat pioneer blamed for blackmailing townspeople at Bardhaman’s Mangalkot, stated, “I took the cash at the guidance of our square president Ramjan Sheik.” Sheik said the claims were outlandish and designed by the BJP.
A TMC pioneer in Suri Block II, who did not wish to be recognized, stated: “The cash we gather is given over to nearby pioneers who conceivably send it up the stepping stool. In any case, we get an extra cut from the common contractual workers occupied with rustic activities.”
Senior gathering pioneers deny the charge. “There are a couple of odd one out who blackmail cash and keep it. We are looking for clarification from pioneers against whom cut cash grumblings have come,” said Patha Chatterjee, the state instruction serve and a TMC representative.
In the state where the BJP is discovering its decent footing and won 18 of the state’s 42 situates in the as of late held Lok Sabha decisions, the resistance is increasing its challenges on the issue. The gathering, which won only four seats less than what the TMC packed away and developed as the principle challenger for the 2021 get together races, has seen a political chance.
At Bhromorkole town in Birbhum’s Sainthia obstruct, around 192km from Kolkata, BJP laborer Pathik Bagdi stated, “The vast majority of the recipients of welfare conspires in our general vicinity are TMC functionaries and individuals from their family. Each time we bring up issues, we face terrorizing.”
Kalo Sona Mandol, the BJP’s Birbhum area general secretary, said their continued battle against the TMC was functioning as they were getting many grumblings over “cut cash”. “The general population are supporting us in light of the fact that TMC pioneers made a joke of the framework at each level,” he said.
TMC’s Birbhum area president Anubrata Mondal, a strongman known for his disdainful addresses, in any case, said that the “cut cash” debate was a well-arranged publicity by the BJP. “Had there been so much debasement, Bengal would not have changed in seven years. We will give a befitting answer,” he said.
Suvashis Maitra, political examiner and reporter, stated, “By denouncing defilement in her own gathering, Mamata Banerjee has in any event had the option to move open concentrate far from the BJP. Till now, Bengal’s political story was working up completely around the saffron power. Banerjee is normally reassuring individuals to talk up. No one, be that as it may, can say with assurance this will enable her to recover lost ground.”

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